Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Are you currently looking to rent a self-storage unit, but you aren’t sure which one you should choose? In addition to standard storage units, there are climate controlled storage units.

If you have important documents, valuables, and other essential items, you may want to opt for a climate controlled unit. This brief storage unit guide will explain what items do better in climate-controlled units and who you can contact for more information.

What Are Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Climate controlled storage units can be defined differently depending on the facility. The term typically means that the storage unit facility has units that have some sort of temperature control, humidity control, or both. If a facility states that they offer climate control, be sure to check if that includes humidity control.

Temperature and humidity are essential for optimizing climate in storage units because they work together to create moisture that can damage your items. More heat and more humidity creates more moisture. Keeping the temperature level and the humidity controlled in a storage unit means that moisture can’t form and your items stay protected.

Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

Do you need a climate controlled storage unit? The answer to that question depends on what you plan on storing, where you live, and the time of the year. In general, if you live in Texas and plan to store things such as rare vinyl records or medical supplies, you will want a climate controlled unit.

If you only plan to use the storage unit short-term and don’t have items that may get damaged due to humidity, you can opt for a standard unit. If you wish to store irreplaceable or expensive items, you should consider a climate controlled unit.

Items That Require Climate-Controlled Storage

In general, all items can benefit from climate control, but some items require climate controlled storage units. For example, you should store any furniture or anything made of wood, leather, or metal in a climate controlled storage unit.

Other items that require climate-controlled storage:

  • Electronics
  • Important documents
  • Clothing
  • Artwork
  • Media
  • Wine
  • Photographs
  • Collectibles
  • Medical supplies
  • Bicycles

These types of items need a climate controlled environment because of how they react with moisture. For example, wood can warp, crack, or rot when exposed to moisture. Leather can become discolored and can develop mold and mildew when moist. If your electronics get wet, they may become rusted, making them unusable.

How Much Is a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

The cost of renting a climate controlled storage unit will depend on where you purchase the unit and the pricing of the storage facility. In general, you can expect your unit to cost about 20% to 50% more than the standard storage unit. A typical 10×10 climate controlled unit may cost you about $150 to rent, whereas a standard unit without climate control costs about $90 a month.

Other Reasons to Rent Climate-Controlled

Sometimes renting a climate controlled unit is less about the stored items and more about other important factors. For example, if you plan to store things inside a unit for a long time, you will want to opt for the climate-controlled unit. The weather outside is quite unpredictable, so there is no telling how the climate on the outside can affect the items inside the unit.

Just because it’s currently 50 degrees outside with no humidity does not mean it will be that way in the next couple of months. Instead of worrying about how the changing weather will affect your items, it is better just to have a climate controlled unit that will always provide your items with favorable weather.

High Heat or Humidity

If you live in a region that already suffers from high heat and humidity, you will want to mitigate those factors. Outside elements can get into your storage unit, and without a climate controlled unit, you risk exposing your items to unwanted moisture.

Collectibles, Antiques, and Valuables

It is always better to be safe than sorry when storing family heirlooms or other antiques and valuables. Things with high sentimental or monetary value should go into a climate controlled unit to preserve your items.

Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

In addition to keeping your items nice and cool, other additional benefits come with choosing a climate controlled unit. For example, there is an additional barrier from dust and debris. Most climate controlled units are inside buildings with insulated and sealed walls, roofs, and floors.

As a result, these controlled units are less susceptible to flooding and dirt. Since they’re indoors, there is also less chance of rodents or insects getting into your unit.

Great Air Quality

A standard storage unit is not as sealed as a climate controlled unit. Climate controlled facilities continuously circulate the air, meaning the air remains clean, and there is no need to open your unit just to get some fresh air inside.

This is very important if you have sensitive electronics or documents. If the unit gets too hot, it can cause your electronics to malfunction, and it can warp your documents.

Rent Your Storage Unit Today!

If you live in an area with extreme cold, high humidity, or extreme heat, climate controlled units will provide you with the best protection for your items. Regardless of your local climate, storing any sensitive items or heirlooms in a climate-controlled unit is recommended.

The last thing you want to do is visit your storage unit just to find out that your valuables are no longer usable or they’re damaged. If you want to learn more about climate controlled units and their pricing, contact us now!