Save Money and Space: The Benefits of Boat Storage Facilities

In 2020, recreational boating in North America was valued at more than $20 billion. The revenue is expected to surpass $60 billion by 2027 as more individuals realize the incomparable benefits of owning boats.

Owning a boat gives you the freedom to travel anywhere. It is also a chance to learn fun skills and spend time bonding with your loved ones.

It, however, takes proper care to maximize the functionality and lifespan of the boat. And there is no better way to ensure this than through boat storage facilities. This is primarily during the cold season when you have to put a pause on your boating activities.

Some boat owners are skeptical about the idea and prefer to store their vessels on their properties. If you fall into this group, you are missing out on great benefits and opportunities, including:

Save Money

The top reason some boat owners shy away from renting indoor boat storage facilities is the cost. They feel that the idea is an expensive venture that they would rather avoid and instead park their vessels in their compounds.

Looking at things from the right perspective helps you realize that what you save by choosing a storage facility surpasses what you spend.

For starters, you avoid the hefty HOA fines if your home association does not allow boat parking in your compound. Furthermore, you are assured that your boat is safely stored, which means minimal chances of wear. This saves you maintenance and repair costs.

Furthermore, if you opt for home storage, you need to invest in building a storage room, and if you opt for outdoor storage, you must get quality storage covers. This means more money is spent on something you will only use occasionally.

Security Guarantee

Security is a major storage consideration, especially for expensive investments like boats. You want your vessel to be safe from theft, vandalism, and damage, and that’s precisely what you get from reliable RV and boat storage facilities.

The facilities are enhanced with top-notch surveillance technology to keep your investment safe at all times. The service providers strive to ensure that their customers get their vessels in the same condition as when they brought them to the facility.

The facilities featured layered security such as electronic passcode entry systems, video surveillance technology, alarms, security cameras, and designated management personnel to watch over the premise and the vessels.

As much as you value your boat, you may not be able to pull such reliable security features together. You will never have peace of mind because you can never tell when someone will break into your property to steal or vandalize the boat.

Besides, indoor storage facilities provide optimum protection against harsh environmental elements that put your boat at risk of rust and other damage.

Create More Space in Your Home

Depending on your locality, most HOAs do not allow storing boats in the backyard. In such a case, you have no option but to search for a storage facility near you. Otherwise, you risk paying fines.

If you stay in an area where backyard vessel storage is allowed, you have to designate a spot in your compound for the same. You end up using so much space that you lack ample storage space for other tools and equipment. The boat may even consume the driveway and garage, causing a lot of inconveniences and making your home hard to navigate.

By utilizing a boat storage facility, you get a spacious storage unit without having to change your property set up to accommodate the boat. The idea creates more space for other equipment storage, and you will have more fun relaxing in the yard.

Save Time

Boat storage demands more than getting your vessel out of the water until the next boating season. It’s a demanding process that requires you to invest time and effort in preparing the boat for winter storage.

Whether you opt to store the boat in a trailer at your home, in the garage, or a dedicated storage room, you must:

  • Fill and flush the boat’s systems with antifreeze to protect them from damage due to extreme cold
  • Ensure the boat is clean and dry to prevent ice damage
  • Remove the batteries to prolong their life
  • Ensure to test the battery regularly using a trickle charger
  • Tarp the boat to protect it from dust and pest damages

These tasks can be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially if you plan on going on a trip. Things get easier with a reliable self-storage facility that offers complementary services like boat winterizing and boat for you. The providers may also provide inspection and maintenance services at a fee.

The idea not only saves your time but also allows you to go on with life confidently, knowing that you will find your vessel in its best state when it’s time to get back into the water.

Boat Storage Facilities Offer More Convenience and Accessibility

Some boat owners may argue that leaving their vessels in their yards makes them more accessible. But that is not factual if your local ordinance does not allow storing RVs and boats at homes.

Leaving your boat at a reputable storage facility will protect you from penalties. It also offers you the convenience of storing your vessel near a water body.

If you stay far from the nearest dock, leasing a storage facility next to a river, lake, ocean, or bay solves this issue. It gets even better if the facility offers transport services. When the boating time comes, you will have the vessel brought to you.

The internet provides you with a comprehensive platform to find the best storage facility. Search for boat storage facilities near me. Then select the best based on reviews and the range of services they offer while considering convenience.

Start Leasing Boat Storage Facilities

The benefits of renting boat storage facilities undoubtedly outweigh the inherent challenges. By choosing a storage unit that meets your needs, you can have peace of mind during the offseason. You are also assured that your vessel will always be in great shape for the boating season.

Eagle Drive Storage is your one-stop solution for all your RV and boat storage needs. Contact us today, and let’s discuss the best storage solution for you.