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Eagle Drive Boat RV Self Storage & Office Warehouses offers customers a wide range of unit options to better fit your exact storage needs as well as your budget! Receive 50% off your first two months with us and all leases are on a month-to-month basis. Please note there is a one-time $19 admin fee on all rentals. Below, you’ll find a chart with our storage unit sizes and rates.

Eagle Drive Boat RV Self Storage & Office Warehouses Units & Rates

Climate Controlled5×5$75.00
Climate Controlled5×10$109.00
Climate Controlled10×5$109.00
Climate Controlled7.5×10$132.00
Climate Controlled10×10$167.00
Climate Controlled10×15$199.00
Climate Controlled15×10$199.00
Climate Controlled8×20$239.00
Climate Controlled8×25$279.00
Climate Controlled10×20$279.00
Climate Controlled15×15$339.00
Climate Controlled10×25$364.00
Climate Controlled10×30$390.00
Climate Controlled15×20$390.00
Non Climate Controlled5×10$81.00
Non Climate Controlled10×10$109.00
Non Climate Controlled10×15$127.00
Non Climate Controlled10×20$145.00
Non Climate Controlled10×25$195.00
Non Climate Controlled10×30$235.00
Non Climate Controlled15×20$235.00
Non Climate Controlled15×25$275.00
Enclosed Large Boat/RV Unit13×40$320.00
Enclosed Large Boat/RV Unit15×45$385.00
Enclosed Large Boat/RV Unit15.5×50$450.00
Small Office Warehouse20×15$730.00*
Small Office Warehouse25×15$963.00*
Outdoor Parking15×45$140.00

*50% off first two months does not apply to Small Office Warehouse units

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