Seven Ways to Make the Most of RV Storage Facilities

Whether you love taking trips around the country or just want a place to feel at home while camping, renting an RV is a great way to get around and explore. However, if you have a lot of stuff you want to take with you, packing it all away can feel like a chore. If you actually own your own RV, then you may not even know where to put your RV when it’s not in use.

How can you make the most out of your RV storage facilities?

Whether you’re storing your vehicle or need to store your effects inside of your RV, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your RV storage.

Location, Location, Location

Where you park your RV when it isn’t in use is just as important as how you pack your belongings for storage. The best place for your RV would be at an RV storage facility. RV storage facilities offer both covered RV storage and uncovered RV storage depending on your own needs and budget; there are even facilities that offer controlled indoor RV storage with controlled temperature to keep your vehicle safe.

With an RV storage facility, you won’t have to worry about your RV being exposed to the elements. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that your RV is being held in a secure environment.

Of course, you may not be able to afford or access an RV storage facility for your RV. If not, asking close friends and family with extra space to store your vehicle is a good alternative. Just make sure you give them something for their hospitality!

Pest-Proof Your Storage Facility

Before you start storing your possessions, you should make sure they will be safe in your RV. If pests were to get into your storage facility, your belongings could get damaged. It’s best to take the time to pest-proof your RV and storage facility before you start putting your stuff away.

Block off any holes or gaps in your RV to prevent pests from entering. You can use special screens and plugs to block off any potential entry points for bugs and rodents. If your RV is already infested, you should contact a pest control specialist right away.

Use Proper Ventilation

Mold and mildew can also wreak havoc on your belongings. You should make sure that your RV is well ventilated before storing anything away.

The easiest way to prevent mold growth is to open the ventilation units on the top of your RV. This will allow air circulation without risking water coming into the RV. It will also keep your RV from taking on a musty odor when you decide to use it again!

Add Additional Rear Storage

Now that you have prepared your RV as a storage unit, you can start putting your belongings away. If you want the most storage space possible in your RV, you should consider adding a rear storage unit.

Additional rear storage can give you up to 18 inches of extra storage space! It’s a great option if you want to haul a barbeque grill, motorcycle, or any other extra outdoor items for your next adventure. Even with additional rear storage, you can still tow your car behind you as well, making it the perfect option to give you a little extra storage space!

Use Storage Tubs

Plastic totes are a must-have if you have an RV. Not only can you keep your belongings organized, but you can stack the totes along the sides of the RV, allowing for more storage space while keeping your walk space open.

Plastic totes have the added benefit of protecting your belongings against dust and water damage. If you want a secure option for your more valuable items, then storage tubs are a necessity for your RV.

Consider Closet Space

You might not have room for a proper dresser within your small RV. Instead, why not consider adding a closet inside of your RV? Any additional unused space inside of your RV can be renovated into a small closet for your clothing or other personal belongings.

Adding a clothes rod inside of the new closet will help enhance your storage capabilities. Simply renovate any useless cabinet or additional storage space, put in a small closet, and presto! You have plenty of space for any clothes you’ll need on your next outing.

What’s Under the Bed?

You’d be surprised by how much storage space is sitting right under your bed! With time and effort, you can turn the space below your bed into a great storage space. Plastic totes, drawers, or simple cubbies can turn that small bit of room into a space for your clothes and other personal belongings.

Cardboard boxes are some of the best storage containers you can use underneath your bed. Not only are they perfectly square and can snuggle next to each other, but the edges of the box act as dividers between your belongings. You can have divided storage just where you need it most.

Get the Most Out of Your RV Storage Facilities

No matter where you’re going, these tips will help you get the best results out of your RV storage facilities. Remember, if there’s ever a section of the RV you aren’t using, you can convert it into additional storage space! The more extra room you have, the better.

Are you searching for a great RV storage facility to store your RV while you aren’t out adventuring?

We’re here to help. Contact us with any questions or concerns you have about our RV storage facilities and continue reading our blog for more helpful information today!