6 Self Storage Tips for the Fall and Winter

Self storage is such a great way to declutter your house without parting with the things you love. But do you find it a puzzle to know what to store at what time of year?

Now that we’re entering the fall and winter months, there are a few strategies you can use to maximize your self-storage unit. Exactly what should I pack away now for next year? What’s the best way to store items safely over the winter?

Read on for the answer to these questions and more in our 6 self storage tips for the fall and winter.

1. Schedule Some Time to Pack for Winter

The only way to make sure that you organize your self storage unit? Set a day to prepare everything you’re going to take and take them to your self storage unit.

We mean it – get your phone out and put that date in your calendar right now! Here’s what you’re going to do:


You need to go through your house one room at a time, and decide what needs to go into storage. Be honest and don’t be sentimental! If you know if your heart of hearts you won’t need it for at least 6 months, then it’s got to go.

Items that definitely need to go to the self storage facility include:

  • Summer clothes
  • Summer toys
  • Summer accessories
  • Summer sports equipment

If you’ve got a self storage unit, there is no reason to keep these things cluttering the house during the fall and winter. Box them up, and then boogie on down to the self storage facility.

Head to the Self Storage Facility

Before you leave, discuss with everyone in the family what they need from your self storage units. Armed with this list, load up the car, and head down to the facility.

2. Declutter Your Garage and Yard

On your preparation day, don’t forget your garage and yard.

Many people bring over extra seating, gardening tools, and other items that are strictly for summer use only. Keeping them at your house over winter is probably not the best idea for the items.

Take them down to the self storage near me that you have selected. They’ll be safe and sound until next spring rolls around.

3. Get Your Winter Gear Out of Storage

Your trip to the self storage facility is a great chance to grab your winter gear. Do you have winter clothes safely stored away for use? If you store them correctly, a self storage unit is a great place to stash all your winter sweaters, boots, and coats each year.

This is also a great chance to dig out your winter sports gear. Have you got skis you need to get out, clean, and wax before a weekend on the slopes?

Take the chance to remove all these items before storing away your spring and summer items.

4. Take Stock of Your Storage Unit

The fall is a great opportunity to take stock of what you have in your storage unit. The chances are you’ve been enjoying the summer and haven’t been worrying about decluttering your self storage. Now’s your chance to put that right.

Are there items you haven’t used for the last 6 months to a year? If so, how likely are you to use them again?

Now’s your chance! You can either sell them and put the cash to better use, or you can donate them. Either way, you will free yourself of clutter!

This is also a chance to rearrange and clean your storage unit.

5. Storage Unit Cleaning Time!

The fall is a great time to give your unit a thorough clean. Clean items are much less likely to suffer from corrosion or develop mold or mildew.

Choose a fine day, bring your items out, and give the whole unit a thorough sweep. Then dust items as you replace them. This can be combined with the rearranging the unit so that it’s winter ready.

6. Arrange Your Unit for Winter

If you use self storage units that are not climate controlled, then you need to prepare your unit for the winter. During the winter, temperatures in Baytown, TX drop pretty low and things can get wet. The first thing to do is protect your belongings by not storing them directly on the floor.

By using pallets or placing items on a shelving unit, you will elevate them a few inches. This is crucial because moisture can easily seep up into your boxes from a cold, moist floor.

The winter is also not kind to electrical items and leather or wooden furniture. The swings in temperature will damage the wood and the leather, causing them to crack or split. Electrical items can also sustain damage when stored at low temperatures.

Another strategy is to use less temperature-sensitive items and arrange them around the exterior of the storage unit. This ‘wall’ can help to protect more sensitive items on the inside.

Consider an Upgrade

The only fail-safe alternative? Upgrade to a climate-controlled unit! You can store your items with peace of mind, knowing that the temperature is regulated year-round.

Remember, affordable self storage is about more than the lowest rate. It’s about choosing the most secure facility that will store your belongings in the safest way.

When checking out self storage units near me, consider climate-controlled self storage. This provides protection for your valuables and could actually save you money in the long run.

Make Your Self Storage Unit Work for You This Fall and Winter

The fall and winter can be tricky times for self storage units. They are more susceptible to changing temperatures, and you need to be smart about how you use them. Follow the tips above, and you’ll be set up for successful self storage over the fall and winter.

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