5 Tips to Choosing the Right Local Storage Units for You

Are you looking for a storage unit? We’re here to help.

Whether you’re planning for an upcoming move or looking to empty some extra belongings from your home, local storage units can be a great option for you to give yourself some extra breathing room without saying goodbye to your favorite items.

For owners of seasonal vehicles like RVs and boats with no place to store them, a local storage unit keeps them close by and accessible with affordable boat and RV storage.

And if you’ve just settled into a new place but haven’t found room for all of your furniture yet – guess what? A local storage unit will do the job while you get comfortable in your new place.

Keep your belongings safe and organized. And to make it even easier, we’ve put together 5 of the best tips to choose the right local storage units for you.


When it comes to a local storage unit, it’s important to balance location and quality.

You’ll want to choose one in your area so you can actively use the unit as much as you’d like. It’s not useful to pay money for a “local” storage unit if you’re not able to regularly use the items stored there.

However, don’t choose a facility just because it is close. It should have all of the amenities you need.

Eagle Drive Boat RV Self Storage & Office Warehouses is conveniently located on FM 3180 off of Interstate I-10 in Mont Belvieu, TX. Its convenient location offers boat owners, small businesses, and individuals alike to store and access their belongings at their leisure.

To be sure that a certain facility meets your needs, it’s a good idea to visit in person before committing.

Purpose of Storage

Next, you’ll have to consider the purpose of storing your items.

Are you looking for boat or RV storage to conveniently access your vehicles year-round? Or are you planning on storing household items long-term?

Understanding why you’re renting a storage unit will be helpful when it comes time to decide the size and amenities of your facility.

For instance, you’ll want to consider how much you plan on accessing your belongings.

If you’re renting a storage unit for the purpose of storing items until your next move, you’ll only need one big enough to cram all of your items inside.

But if you plan on swapping out items as you need them, you’ll want to leave space in your storage time to walk around.

You’ll need to calculate a walking path that’s a few feet wide going down the middle of your storage unit. For more access, carve out a U-shape with items going down the middle.


If you have a busy schedule, a storage facility that’s only open during business hours isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need a space that gives you full access to your belongings when it’s convenient for you.

With our facility, you’ll have access to your unit almost whenever you need it. Our gate hours are 5 am to 10 pm, including the weekends.

And if you need something important during the holidays, you don’t have to worry. Our facilities are open on holidays, too.

24/7 cameras will ensure that even when you’re not at your storage unit, your belongings are under close watch.


You’ll also want to consider the pricing of your storage unit before you sign a contract. Some storage facilities may make you commit to a biannual or yearly contract.

At Eagle Drive Boat RV Self Storage & Office Warehouses, customers have flexibility with our monthly contracts. We offer competitive prices and the first month free to give all our customers the fairest rates possible.

Our least expensive unit, the climate-controlled 5×5, starts at $45 a month. Small office warehouses start at $389 a month, and boat or RV storage begins at $290 a month.

Storage Unit Sizes and Options

Storage units typically range in size from 5×5 units to 10×30 units. Different local storage facilities will have different sizes available.

A 5×5 unit is the size of a small walk-in closet. It’s great for storing a few of your seasonal items and moving boxes.

A 10×10 unit, or medium size, is the most common choice for a storage unit. You can store smaller vehicles like motorcycles or keep the belongings of a one-bedroom apartment (including furniture).

The largest storage unit, a 10×30, can fit all of the items in a larger home.

At Eagle Drive Boat RV Self Storage & Office Warehouses, we offer 5×5 units up to 15×20 units that are climate controlled. Climate-controlled storage will keep your items protected in adverse weather conditions and is recommended if you’re storing valuables.

We also offer non-climate controlled units ranging from 5×10 to 10×30.

For small office warehouse spaces, you can choose from 10×30, 20×15, and 25×15.

Boats and RV storage can select from a space of 13×40, 15×45, and 15.5×50.

Before you do select a storage unit size, it’s a good idea to declutter your space. Decide on items you want to keep, donate, or get rid of.

Once you have a better understanding of what you do want to keep, you can select the right storage size option.

Local Storage Units – the Best Option for You

Keeping your belongings safe and accessible has never been easier, thanks to the availability of local storage units.

Whether you’re looking for “boat storage near me” or personal storage for household items, Eagle Drive Boat RV Self Storage & Office Warehouses has the solution for your storage needs.

Reserve your local storage unit today through our website. The process is easy – simply choose the size and number of the local storage units you need, fill out the form on our website, and stop by our office to complete your reservation.